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Biancat™ EyeFleek Lash Separator Comb

Biancat™ EyeFleek Lash Separator Comb

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Biancat™ EyeFleek Lash Separator Comb

Biancat™ EyeFleek Lash Separator Comb

Regular price $19.97
Regular price $19.97 Sale price
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Biancat™ EyeFleek Lash Separator Comb: Redefining Lash Perfection. Your secret to achieving captivating, clump-free lashes is here!

Meet Biancat™ EyeFleek, the meticulously designed tool that complements your mascara to provide superior lash definition and separation. Ideal for both natural lashes and extensions, Biancat™ EyeFleek offers a unique blend of comfort, precision, and elegance. The curved comb design mirrors the natural contour of your eye, providing a gentle yet effective separation of lashes. The evenly spaced teeth allow for a smooth, even distribution of mascara, eliminating any signs of criss-crossed lashes and clumps.

Whether you’re applying mascara pre or post use, Biancat™ EyeFleek ensures you get fuller, more voluminous lashes. Its user-friendly design empowers you to create a look of your choice - from the everyday natural look to the high-drama, glamorous look.

Dive into the world of clump-free, voluminous lashes and leave the struggle of criss-crossed lashes and clumps behind. Experience the elegance, and the convenience with Biancat™ EyeFleek Lash Separator Comb.


✔️ Superior Separation: Say farewell to the frustrations of criss-crossed lashes and mascara clumps. The finely spaced teeth on Biancat™ EyeFleek glide effortlessly through your lashes, providing the ultimate lash separation. Each stroke leaves your lashes looking clean, defined, and dramatically enhanced.

✔️ Lift & Volume: It's also a lash enhancer that lifts and fans out your lashes for a voluminous effect. It works to open up your eyes by lifting the lashes and giving them the appearance of being fuller and more dramatic. Whether you want a subtle daytime look or an all-out evening glamour, Biancat™ EyeFleek got your back.

✔️ Precision-Engineered Design: Each curve and contour is deliberately engineered to fit your eye's natural shape. This results in a user-friendly tool that eliminates discomfort and tugging during application, providing a comfortable experience every time. 

✔️ Versatile Application: Not all lashes are created equal, and Biancat™ EyeFleek understands this. That's why it is designed to fit seamlessly into your beauty routine, regardless of when you prefer to apply your mascara. Use it pre or post mascara application to achieve clump-free lashes.
✔️ Ideal for Natural Lashes & Extensions: Biancat™ EyeFleek is versatile and works wonders on both natural lashes and extensions. Its gentle but effective comb design ensures your extensions are treated with care while still delivering a stunning lash separation.

✔️ Premium Quality Materials: We understand the importance of quality, especially when it comes to tools that interact with your delicate lashes. That's why Biancat™ EyeFleek is crafted using only premium materials that promise durability and longevity.


  • Materials: ABS, 304 stainless Steel
  • Size: 136 x 26 mm

Package Includes

  • Biancat™ EyeFleek Lash Separator Comb




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